And here it goes. Banner for Season of Heartbreaks.
I just had to upload it. I kinda like it.:D

Making a banner never was so funny
I'm home, bored etc. so I decided to start making a banner for Season of Heartbreaks. Is it just me or does Kimi really look so ridiculous on ice? How am I supposed to do something that fits for the story when on the first half of the pictures he looks like a jerk and on the second half it's not much better?

(On the other hand, Fernando saves it all.:3 )

Edit 23:11 - Got into bad state of mind and deleted it all. Oh well, that's just me. Let's start from the beggining. (Isn't it funny I'm having so many troubles with a banner for a fic I will never publish?)

Keep breaking what's been fixed a thousand times
I got into a state of mind when I want to keep my fictions for myself. Or I don't mean strictly for myself, I just don't feel like posting them anywhere but my almost-completely-forgotten pages.
It's not because I'm coward, but you can call it like that. I'm able to function only in MY own space or somewhere where it FEELS like my own. And since I don't have enough time and enthusiasm to update my blog...
I don't even know what am I trying to say. Just... Wish there was someone to understand.

Season of heartbreaks

Writing something in English isn't that easy. I mean, for me. But challenge accepted. Because I have idea, I have courage, songs for inspiration and even the title (it's in the title, heh).
What's it gonna be? AU F1 slash. And you know I can write only about one couple...:D

And I got a feeling this is only because of the challenge, cause I don't really think I'm able to write anything meaningful in English.


After some time, I think that maybe my livejournal is not going to be empty... Y´know, it´s the best way to get some things out quickly and shortly (I know I can use twitter, but twitter is TOO short). And of course I can train my english here.

And... I still believe that the Good Boys Together translation will be done some day. Now it´s just one chapter (with betaread, yeah!), but I really wish for at least the first chapter Together, Forever will be translated. Thx Elly for your undying help and support! Now I´ m working on 99 Problems myself... Man, it´s really hard work... But it´s my idea. (This reminds me of Ginger Fitzgerald: "If you don´t like you´re ideas, stop having them!")

if you gonna jump, how high you gonna jump?
Well, somehow I find it quite cool to write in english, so I´m back, kids! (I wonder why I write "kids" when probably only sacrebleu will read this, but nevermind.)
Only one week and I´m gonna go back to school. And even now I know it´s gonna be hell. Is it me or is Ústí lacking anyone of my species? I´m pretty tired of it. Nu-metal, comedies, F1 and MotoGP are not that unpopular! So why is everybody insterested just in satanism, getting drunk and shitty black-metal? Think you´re so cool?
I think I just HAVE TO do my best to get to Brno. Cause in case I don´t get this school will drive me crazy.
Anyway, I´m going to enjoy this week, after those endless exams I think I deserve it. Prague, here I come!

there should be a subject, but I hate ´em!
So I finally get to write something, but I don´t expect I´ll write something more than a few pointless words. This far I have 4 active blogs and I´m not interested to make it to 5.
I write this just to let you know that there´s somebody like me. That I´m interested in music, movies and F1. That I can listen to Slot and Thousand Foot Krutch again and again and again. That I write stories but I don´t expect they´ll be translated to english so I can put them here. But maybe... Who knows...

That´s all folks (for now).


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